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North Star Micro Electronics LLC is an ISO/AS9120B Aerospace Certified Company.

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Are you looking for an electronic device part for your device that is obsolete in the market? Then you come to the right place. At North Star Micro - Electronic Components Distributor and Supplier, we deliver you with the parts of every possible electronic device that has become obsolete or is out of production. You can search electronic components at our service company as we have a largest stock of electronic components for every possible device. No matter how old your device may be, if it is still in a working condition but in a need of just a worn away part, we will deliver it to you.

Regardless of the prototype, you can easily find electronic parts for your devices and machineries, as we will be able to deliver it to you in no time. From avionics to hardware, we have something or the other for your needs. Our aim is to deliver our customers, with a satisfactory solution for all of their needs related to manufacturing. From fields like military, aerospace as well as various other industries, we have a huge clientele that has considered us worthy and capable of bringing them solutions that we guarantee, none of our rivals can deliver.